What size dog house plans do I order?

It is very important that you have the proper sized dog house for your dog.  To accomplish this, you have to measure your dog.  You take the measurement from the ground to the top of the front shoulder when the dog is standing.  If your dog is puppy you can see the different kinds of dogs listed with each set of dog house plans.  You can order the dog house plans that are designed for that type of dog.  Feel free to email, so that we can help you choose the right size dog house plans.

What model of dog house plans do I order?

The model of dog house plans that you choose would be a personal preference depending on your pets needs.  The 1 dog/1 door house plans are for 1 dog and has one door. The 2 dog/1 door house plans are designed primarily for two dogs that love to be together.  These dog house plans allow your dogs to sleep together in one sleeping area.  If your dogs do not get along, then the 2 dog/2 door plans are the plans for you.  The 2 dog/2 door dog house plans are the most versatile plans available.  These dog house plans have two removable wind walls and one removable centre partition wall.  This means that all walls can be removed if so desired for your dogs to be able to be together, or separated completely with each have their own space if they don't get along.  These dog house plans are used primarily by owners whose dogs have disputes or don't want to share their sleeping quarters.  In some cases the disputes are not constant, so with these dog house plans the centre wall can either be put in or left out as the need arises.  The 3 dog/1 door dog house plans are designed for three dogs that get along.  With these dog house plans all three dogs have one sleeping area behind the removable wind wall in the cold weather, or the entire house when the weather is warmer and the wind wall is removed.  These dog house plans make for a very large dog house.

What tools are required to build these dog houses?

There are no special tools required to build any of these dog houses.  If you plan to build one of our houses the only tools required are: a hammer, square, handsaw, or a skill saw, drill, and jigsaw.

What type of wood can be used to build these dog houses?

The dog houses that we build here are built out of spruce plywood for the regular dog house and tongue and groove pine for the deluxe dog house.  Both these materials can be substituted for whatever material is available in your area.  The material list is made up by not having any seams in the plywood on the inside or the outside of the house.  When tongue and groove pine is used it is only used on the outside of the house for a decorative look.

Is the dog house sitting on the ground?

No.  The dog house is designed so it is sitting up off the ground.  This way the air can flow underneath the dog house, and it will not create moisture on the bottom of the house.  The plans will show this in detail.

Is the dog house insulated?

Yes.  The dog houses are fully insulated on the walls, floor, and roof.  This will help maintain a comfortable temperature in all weather conditions.  We do have Law Enforcement Officers in the Northern part of Canada that have been using these dog houses for a number of years, where the temperatures frequently go down to -40 deg.  In such extreme cases, they do put a doggie door, piece of canvas or carpet hanging down over the door opening of the dog house. They do not use additional heat sources in the house.